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Trojans @ Norwich Knights

A long ride to Norwich and a late starting match awaited Trojans 1 for their first fixture of the EKA Korfball League. It wasn’t really the start the team from Croydon would have wanted, going 1 -0 down after a few minutes to Norwich Knights. However, the Trojans team 1 are current champions for good reason and it wasn’t long before Trojans found themselves leading by a few goals.

The game was scrappy; neither team scoring excellent, fluent goals and mainly the attacks were punctuated by the strange bounce from the ball on the plastic korf. Trojans were pleased to see Eva Gibbons score from her first touch of the ball in attack, and worked hard to limit the opportunities Knights tried to create in defence.

Ex-Trojan Stan Dunn, now playing for Norwich Knights, was used as a tactical sub by the Knights coach, going from one division in attack to the other in defence. This move appeared to be a reaction to stopping the free scoring by Matt Brooks, as damage was being done by this section.

There were plenty of missed chances, easy under the basket shots and too many lost rebounds for Trojans to feel that this was a job well done. The final result of 22 -16 in favour of the blue and blacks was the result Trojans wanted, but ultimately, only showing maybe 50% of what this team is capable of.

Player of the match was easily Matt Brooks who scored 10 goals - 9 of which were open play goals, but Trojans will need to up their shot percentage, rebounding and goals conceded if they want a bronze medal at the Europa Cup in January.

Home Nations Cup

Trojans have started the 2015/16 korfball season with a flying start.
Squad players from the first and second team competed against Scotland, Ireland, England U19 and Wales in the Home Nations Cup at Trinity School, Croydon.

Trojans' new recruits, Ana Rocha and Jonny Nickerson were both selected to represent Trojans in this tournament and both players not only managed to perform brilliantly in attack and defence but also managed to look at home in their blue and black kit; slotting into sections comfortably and with confidence.

Trojans won the friendly international tournament by not dropping points all day. They beat Ireland 16-4, Scotland 17-9, Wales 19-11 and England U19s 19-6. A superb start to the season.

Trojans 2nd start with a Victory

Trojans 2 started their season with a home match against Nomads 2 - a team who always gives Trojans a run for their money.

Coach Brooks opted for the line up of C. Duffin (c), M Brooks, L Matthews and L Palfreyman in first attack and J Oosterling, J Nickerson, E Gibbins and A Rocha in defence.
Trojans started their season as they mean to go on - with fast, fluid korfball with plenty of good range shooting. Nomads struggled to find space for high percentage shots and ran out of ideas in attack. Meanwhile Trojans scored from all ares if the pitch and all bar one goal from Trojans came from open play.

Solid shooting from Matt Brooks saw him score 9 where as new recruit Ana Rocha caused havoc for her opponents by scoring 7 well taken goals. Jonny Nickerson was the MVP of the game, dominating the rebound and continuously searching for assists for his teammates.

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victorious trojans add 8th



Courtesy of Tim Ashton @ Croydon Advertiser

Trojans Finish 6th In Europa Cup

Trojans Round Up

Trojans had a super weekend this weekend with all three teams playing at home in Trinity school's sports hall, followed by a fantastic junior event showcasing some promising young talent.

Trojans 2 were the first to get started and were pitched against local rivals Croydon. Johan Oosterling and Toby Clarke both scored 4 goals each, but it was Chris Duffin that top scored for Trojans in this game by bagging 5 goals in his first game back after the break.

Trojans 1 then faced Tornadoes from Kent, in Tornadoes first game of the season. Trojans benefited from some extra match training against a Dutch side and the Ireland international team on Saturday and were in no mood to start badly. Trojans raced to an 8 nil advantage and never looked back, dominating in all areas of the pitch.

David Brooks and Tony Woodvine both managed to score 9 goals apiece in this fixture and once again the Trojans boys are looking unstoppable.

Supernova were the final team pitched against a Trojans senior side, with Supernova 4 against Trojans 3. The match was lively, full of goals and a well fought contest with little between the two sides. It finished at 7-7, but Trojans were delighted to see newcomer Alice Newman scored two well taken goals in the game.

As the oldies left, the juniors arrived and Trojans hosted a junior fixture against Nomads. It was fantastic to see so many youngsters eager to play korfball. With some strong, confident shooting it is clear that Trojans will still, hopefully, dominate the English Korfball leagues for many years to come.

A good day at the office for the best club in the UK. Well done everyone who played for Trojans KC today!

Trojans welcomes newcomers

Ian 2nd team

Dom 3rd team

Trojans korfball club are delighted to welcome some promising new talent to the blue and black family.

All of Trojans' new signings have been in action for Trojans 1,2 and 3 these past two weeks and every player has got on the score sheet for their new club. Well done to Toby, Alice, Eva, Ian and Dominic.


Eva 2nd team

Toby 2nd team
              Trojans Academy  Final Summer Session

Trojans KC under our junior Coaching team lead by Johan Oosterling ended their annual Summer Training Sessions. Thanks to all the juniors and parents for attending.  Our usual junior program will now commence in the build up to the new season.


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Members of the Trojans Junior Academy with EKL Trophy

Trojans once again retained the English Korfball League championship beating Bec in a thrilling final watched by a packed crowd at Whitgift. Gary Brooks’ black and blue heroes finish a perfect season: played 20 won 20, silencing the Trojans boo brigade. After a first half to forget we needed a massive 2nd half. Stan Dunn came on to give a true Trojan performance, fighting through the pain of an ankle injury to completely dominate his player and freeing up the section.

With resurgence, we used all our experience and ability to wrestle away the lead from Bec who in all fairness should have had this game wrapped up. Thankfully no counter measures were made to stem our comeback, subs made by Bec had no baring, timeouts only worked in Trojans favor. We had the bit between our teeth and we weren’t going to give in.

We took the lead sometime during the 2nd half and from there it was up to Bec to stay with us, they managed it with some crucial goals from Davish Patel. So 17-17 the game ended, it was golden goal. The sections stayed the same as when the game ended, challenged by Bec  coach Buckland obviously concerned that the section of Dave, Tony, Carly, Steph would be formidable. And it was. They only needed the one attack to seal it. The first major chance fell to Tony missing a standing runner from an overcommitted defender. Tenaciously the Trojans sharp shooter retained the ball passing it to Dave who was free and shot the ball through the basket. The goal from Brooks was met with screams of delight from team mates and proves yet again to the Korfball world, why he is the best player in England (and in our view ever to play in this country).

 Trojans defence then worked brilliantly to put immense pressure on the Bec attack, not only not allowing them to have chances at goal, but limiting them to not even a single shooting opportunity. The ball was stolen by Trojans and then careful passing ensured the ball fell in to the attacking zone. Fittingly the last touch of the ball was given to Trojans hero Dave Brooks, to seal the game and the 7th consecutive league title for Trojans.


 Your Local Guardian Report



                    Prematch chat with Hayden Spice

                                                                                                                Johan Oosterling wins first league title




                             Comfortable Win For Trojans

The penultimate game of the season for Trojans 1 saw us up against local rivals Bec which was tipped by many as being a close contest. The score on the other hand told a different story. The day though did not start so well for the champions, losing Matt Brooks to an injury sustained in the warm up. Trojans nevertheless dominated a lackluster Bec side from start to finish in a solid all round performance. Limiting Bec to 4 goals in the first half was pleasing from a Trojans perspective.  The defensive tactics of Trojans game plan paid dividends, quashing internationals King, Patel, Bedford to 4 goals between them. Goals from distance, clinical free passing as well as smart defending was the story of the game. Bec simply had a no reply.

The 6 unanswered goals from Trojans early in the 2nd half effectively ended Becs chances of taking any points from the game. Individually Trojans players Carly Holness and Stan Dunn particularly impressed. Trojans will also be happy with goals from Sam Brooks who scored 8 proving yet again why he is one of the most deadliest shooters in the country.  Final score 9-20.

Trojans have now guaranteed top spot, and will play the 4th placed side in the playoffs. Bec will play Nomads in what will be a very tight affair. 

Views Trojans recent videos

                 Trojans Juniors Compete In The London Korfball Festival

On Sunday 16th March Trojans competed in the London Junior Korfball Festival and through the partnership between Hayes Primary School and Trojans Korfball Club (Hayes Trojans) Trojans had in total around 40 children playing korfball. With the U9’s we fielded more than 50% of all the participants with 24 players and our regular U9’s team coached by Dave Brooks, won all their matches. More importantly many more children were introduced to the sport and have experienced the enjoyment of playing korfball.



In the U11’s category we played the 4 v 4 on 2 posts format again however this time only Croydon and Hayes Trojans fielded teams and both of the Hayes Trojans teams won all their matches against Croydon and there was only 1 goal difference in the match between our the 2 teams. Coach Johan Oosterling was very pleased with the way the children played with some very creative and skilful play and shots, but above all loads of goals from different types of shots.



The U13’s competition was between Trojans, Croydon and Nomads and our U13’s team have now gained much more playing experience which is demonstrated in goals. Thefirst match against Nomads we lead 3 – 1 and unfortunately for Nomads came back to 3 – 3. In the Croydon match we went 3 – 1 down and came back and traded goals to 4 – 4 but in the last minute of the game Croydon scored 5 – 4. Coach Gary Brooks said that the most important thing of the day was that we are able to score plenty of goals and this shows the development of the players.


  Special mention to Teodore who top scored with 22 goals, a fantastic achievement! 

A star in the making.



                             The Return Of The King

Gary Brooks steers all three Trojans teams to victory.




  Trojans 1 - 30

  KV - 14



Trojans 2 - 15

Mitcham - 13


Trojans 3 - 12

Mitcham 3 - 11


                       Trojans Finish 6th In Europa Cup


Trojans VS Benfica


Trojans VS SG Pegasus Rommerscheid 1991 e.V.





 Trojans VS KC Barcelona


Trojans VS Edinburgh City



          Trojans mellow the yellow

It was a clash of the big names this weekend. Trojans hosted the London club that wears yellow and the biggest head to head was that of the second teams. Trojans 2 have shown strength in depth and have altered their line ups regularly so far this season. Bec have also done the same.

This match was a spectators dream: full of passion, lots of goals and a close fought game. Bec 2 and Trojans 2 traded goal for goal for the majority of the match with neither side stretching more than 2 goals ahead.

The section of Holness, Duffin, Vassallo and Oosterling played free flowing korfball, passing and moving with ease. Goals came from runners from Duffin, mid-range efforts from Holness and downtown bombs from the half way line from new signing Oosterling.

The other section of Hegarty, Goodridge, James and Dunn played more of a two – two style of attacking with the boys attacking and girls doing the dirty work and visa versa.

The spectators enjoyed a close fought matchup between Bec’s Blake Palfreyman and the talented Stan Dunn and the boisterous more physical ‘fight’ between Ironmonger and James. Ultimately though it was Trojans girls who determined the way this match was heading, as 4 goals were scored by the girls in blue whereas only one goal came from a yellow lady.

With the usual coach unavailable it was a much younger, more attractive version of Coach Brooks on show for Trojans 2. After the game Coach Brooks said of his team’s performance ‘We played okay, not to our very best ability but I am happy with the result. We got stuck at times, being focussed on one on one battle’s with our opponent, but when we needed to score, at key times in the match, we did’.

Goal of the match: Johan’s downtown monster from the half way line (in the video)


The third team consisted of a few newer faces to korfball alongside some more experienced ‘old hands’. Again, the match was a good game with plenty of goals coming from open play. Bec 5 managed to edge the game and despite some furious last minute attacks, the home side were unable to draw level before the final whistle went.

Emily Brooks played particularly well despite being under the weather and scored 4 well taken goals and Leah Palfreyman scored 5 all from open play, with her gentle shooting style.

This match was played in good spirits, with a large crowd encouraging both sides and the real winner of the day was korfball, as it was great to see a combination of youth and veteran playing together.

Player of the match: Emily Brooks


Bec 1 are yet to claim a victory against Trojans and Trojans 1 managed to continue their dominating form by easing past Bec 1 at Trinity earlier on Sunday morning.

Player of the match: Kathryn Goodridge





                                           KV vs Trojans

The match against KV was always going to be a spirited slog; full of passion, low scoring, old fashioned trash talk and most probably penalties. The game was exactly what it said on the tin.

Trojans did not adapt their game well enough to the smaller venue and struggled to maintain their usual flow of long cross court passes and shots from distance. KV maintained strong one to one defence and managed to capitalise on free pass and penalty opportunities that were awarded them.

At half time the score was only 7-6 to Trojans but after a reassessment, the blue and black team upped their intensity and starting scoring more comfortably. Matt Brooks scored some well taken mid-range shots at key moments and Kathryn Goodridge converted a hat-trick as she began exploiting her player more in attack.

With Trojans 6 goals ahead, coach Brooks was awarded a red card for dissent towards the referee and had to leave the hall. This pause in the game allowed KV to gather their thoughts and come closer to Trojans’ lead. The game was never in doubt though and the final whistle went showing Trojans win 15-13.

This game can only be compared to that of watching Manchester United under Alex Ferguson – a true championships winning club can win matches despite playing not at their best. Trojans will be keen to up their performance for their home match against current leaders Bec on the 17th.


Trojans 2 enjoyed a trip to Epsom earlier Sunday morning as they played against Nomads 3. A new look side took to the pitch and were quickly scoring goals. This match was a much more comfortable game for Trojans, unlike last week, and they ran out eventual winners 17 – 5. The team were boosted by the appearance of England Skipper Tony Woodvine who top scored with 7 goals and veteran korfer Chris Duffin getting 4.


                              Trojans Juniors In Action

                       Strong Start To The New Season

Second team match report


Trojans 2 started their match against Croydon 2 with a player down, due to absence of some of their male squad players. This is not something that any team wants to do, but usually this works in the 7player team’s favour as it throws a spanner in the works for the opposing team’s attack. With strong, experienced players in the divison of three, Trojans were hopeful to still get a result against local rivals Croydon. This was not to be, as Croydon also consisted of experienced players and after a period of deadlock, Croydon managed to find their rhythm. Goals came from Matt Brooks, Nora and Kat Goodridge and Rich De Mel but it was Croydon who ran out eventual winners by capitalising on their player advantage. Although it was a tough game to play, Trojans should be proud of playing against a very strong Croydon side, full of experience and looking very much like a Croydon 1 team.



First Team Match Report


The first team were keen to continue their solid shooting display that they showed in Kent a fortnight ago, and were quick to get off the blocks against local rivals Croydon. Coach Brooks opted for a new look lineup for Trojans second match of the 2013-14 season and with a couple of usual faces missing, introduced Stephen Duffin into the team to make his first team debut alongside brother Chris.

The match was a one sided affair with Trojans dominating from the off and scoring openly and freely without much pressure. The section of Stan Dunn attacked with flair, with all players moving and shooting well but the section of the Duffin’s focussed mainly on the attacking prowess of the girls. This tactic worked beautifully as both Carly Holness and Neala Brennan helped themselves to a plethora of goals from good passes from their male teammates.

The highlight of the game came from a superb long range shot from debutant Stephen Duffin and was closely followed by Neala’s reaction to finding out she was one goal shy of reaching the 10 goal club. Save it for next week Neala!


Trojans training for the new season 2013/14 officially gets going again on Tuesday 24th September.

7,30pm - 9.45pm.

 Friday sessions for squad players selected starts on 4th October.

8pm  - 9.30pm.

                               Trojans YouTube Channel

Videos of goals from The Playoff Finals



                    Trojans Make History


Trojans Korfball Club from Croydon secured an unprecedented 6th consecutive league title on Sunday (05 May 2013) after convincingly overcoming the challenge from Kingfishers 28 goals to 13. Birmingham City also secured promotion to the elite league in England Korfball.

The top 4 teams in the country were playing for European qualification and the pride of being England Korfball League Champions. The first of the semi-finals for the England Korfball League title featured the teams that finished in 1st and 4th place after the regular season.

Nomads seeded 4th played a fantastic game against top-seeded Trojans in a tough and exciting and close game with Trojans leading by 1 with two minutes to go, closed out the game with a superbly taken goal that put to bed the very worthy challenge of Nomads. The result of the first semi-final was 18-16 to Trojans.

Next up were 3rd seeded Kingfisher against 2nd seeded, Nottingham, who had been injury racked at the end of the season. Kingfisher proved too strong and Nottingham (final score 19-13) who had to make do with playing for the 3rd /4th position.

 Kingfisher and Trojans made up the teams for the Grand Final to the season and places in the Europa Shield and the Europa Cup, extremely prestigious international tournaments and the great prize for the winners.

Trojans were swiftly out of the blocks with a barrage of very well taken score that Kingfisher could not match and from this point on, Kingfisher were on the back foot playing catch-up. As expected Kingfisher put up a very gutsy performance, but the Champions would not be denied their 6th successive win.

There were strong performances from Sam Brooks, Tony Woodvine of Trojans and John Denton of Kingfisher. Within the match there was a great tussle between senior international Steph Allen (Trojans) and England under-19 Mallory Gore (Kingfishers) which kept the large crowd involved with a very fine match.

Trojans secured their 6th consecutive Korfball League title with an impressive score of 28-13.

Dave Brooks finishes joint top goal scorer of the season with 98, 75 being open play which is the highest in the league closely followed by Sam with 74 OP. Amy Turner was the highest Trojans female with 45 in her first season with the club.



                  Superman! Chris Spice Ends On A high


Interview with Chris Spice

Why have you decided to retire?

 I've decided to call it a day on my Korfball career for a culmination of reasons however the main one is to spend more time with my family. My young daughter Lara demands a lot of attention (as any 2 year old does!) plus Sarah and I are expecting another child so my priorities have changed and with it I've had to make some important decisions, one of which is to retire from playing Korfball. Aside from the growing family, travelling to and from training and games was also an issue, as well as the fact that my ankles have taken a bit of a battering over the years and the ligaments are on their last legs (I'd like to be able to walk well into my latter years!!).

When I put all of these issues together, it made sense that the right thing to do was to hang up my boots.
Sum up your time at Trojans?
2) That's such a difficult question to answer but I'll try. If I had to sum up my time at Trojans in one word it would be unforgettable. Trojans has given me so much over the years and I owe a great deal to the club and the people that belong to it. I couldn't ever imagine playing for anyone else. During my 17 years at the club I've been fortunate enough to play alongside some of the best players in the country, learning so much in the process. Then there's the Brooks family. The Brooks family are amazing. How Gary and Christine do what they do is beyond me. Raising 5 crazy children and still finding time to pretty much singlehandedly run a Korfball club (outside of working) is staggering. I think it's safe to say that Gary and Christine are my adoptive parents and Trojans are my extended family and always will be!
Best personal moment at Trojans?

3) Whilst I've been fortunate enough to win some titles at Trojans (such as the British u23's and the National League/EKL), I'd have to say that the pinnacle for me was winning the bronze medal at the 2012 Europa Cup Finals in Poland. That was the last obstacle for Trojans to overcome before we could say that we had won everything realistically possible in English club Korfball.
Worst moment?

4) Not being able to play Korfball for 2 years was definitely the worst moment of my playing career. I was in the middle of what should've been my prime so it was devastating to be told that you couldn't play for 24 months. Fortunately my hunger for the sport remained and I was able to banish and overcome some demons in the process and come back a stronger person and player, both mentally and physically.
Advice for a young player looking to make a success of themselves?

5) Be dedicated, disciplined and focused and above all be prepared to work hard. Every training session you go to, every game that you play, make sure you learn. Be like a sponge, absorb and retain. If you want something bad enough you can achieve it, you just have to believe in yourself and put the effort in.

I'd like to finish off by saying a big thank you to everyone who has helped me throughout my playing career, from teammates to coaches to supporting staff and the loyal Trojanites who always turn up to cheer on the team. I leave the club in good shape with the capabilities and potential to go on and win even more titles. Lastly and by no means least I want to say thank you to my wonderful wife Sarah who has always been there for me, both on the pitch and off it. She brings out the best in me and without her I would be half the man that I am today.

This is not the end of me, I will still be around the Korfball scene from time to time however just not in a playing capacity. Coaching? Who knows, watch this space....

Trogs for life!!!!


Chris Spice, Trojans legend of 17 years played his last game for Trojans at the Finals weekend where he bagged himself an unprecedented 6th League title. 'Superman' Spice was picked up from local rivals Croydon in 1996, along with Stephen Waller and Tom Quickenden for the Trojans youth side. Forging a strong under 16 squad with the likes of Matt and Dave Brooks, Chris gaining a reputation for strong rebounding and lethal scoring around the basket. Chris worked his way through the Trojans squads and played for years in the Trojans first team with many of his under 16 colleagues, helping Trojans retain Premier League status and captaining the club. From then on Chris has played a pivotal role in most of Trojans's recent successes; winning the league 4 times, EKA cup 2 times and a Europa Cup Bronze medal to name but a few. Chris's abilities also saw him gain international recognition by being selected for U23, U21, U19, U16 Great Britain squads. He was also given club honors, being nominated 1st team player of year and club player of year during his service to Trojans. A dominant personality on and off the court, Chris has left a very large imprint on Trojans history.

 Matt Brooks "The ultimate team player, he worked incredibly hard for his section. With Chris playing along side you the game suddenly becomes easy. He was my team mate, who knew my game inside out but also became a great friend. He didn't just play for Trojans he IS Trojans.

 Chris Duffin " A great loss to the club ...but our nostrils will not miss his toxic gas releases!"

Lia Matthews 'A natural leader and a tough opponent to come up against. Spice will be sorely missed at training and matches, not only for his selfless rebounding but also his easy running in shots and massive blams! A motivator, competitor and a wonderful friend.'

 Dave Brooks "Actions always speak louder than words and Chris is proof of that, he is a winner and a team player, he knew how to play and bring the best out of everyone, he was never concerned with anything except to get the result. A brilliant rebounder and deadly shot required for his role (1-4m). I learnt a lot from Chris, and hopefully he will come back after awhile to continue some coaching."

Chris doing what he does best!


          New Kit Unveiling Proves A hit



The new kit was unveiled at Finals weekend, staying with the traditional colours of black and blue.

                      Trojans KC Make 3 New Signings

Trojans KC are pleased to announce the recent arrivals of 3 new players to the club:


Stan Dunn


Amy Turner


Stephanie Allen


Everyone at Trojans welcomes them to the family!!!!


                         Trojans 1 Roll On With 2 More Victories

Trojans beat Nomads 25 - 15 and then sweep aside Mitcham 22 - 10 to remain top of the table....



                     Reigning Champs Show Metal Against Bec 1
                                       All 3 Sides Take The Win
    Trojans Take Bronze at the Europa Cup Finals!!!!
                           1st & 3rds Win Comfortably At Home
                    Trojans Beat Nottingham To Draw 1st Blood
                                 Trojans 2 Overcome Highbury
   The 1sts Come Up Short Whilst The 2nds Show Them How It's Done

Trojans 2 were victorious over Nomads 3 winning 16 - 26 but Trojans 1 failed to maintan their 100% start to the season, drawing 22 - 22 against the impressive Kingfishers 1....



                                    Trojans KC 3, Croydon KC 0
                                     3rd's Bag Another Victory
                               1st Half Blitz Seals Win For Trojans
                                           Tough Tests Overcome
                                1st Game of the Season, 1st Win

Trojans retained their HSKL crown for a 4th year in a row, beating contenders Nottingham 18 - 16 in the final after previously sweeping aside Bec 23 - 10 in the semi's.

Some fantastic individual performances added to a great team ethic, ensuring the league title returned to South London for yet another year, despite Notts widely being tipped to dethrone Trojans and take their crown.  The Champions showed their impoverished and superior shooting ability and coolness under pressure on the big stage and along with their vast experience, saw out the final in style.

A big congratulations to the whole of the 1st team squad, both players and coaching staff, from everyone at Trojans Korfball Club, you've made us proud once again!!



                                 Follow Trojans KC on Twitter!!

Trojans Korfball Club have now set up their very own Twitter account:

 Keep up to date with all the latest gossip and info from Englands number 1 Korfball Club!!!!

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